Business Development

Explosive Hazards Removal Services

Mines and explosive remnants of war jeopardize agricultural land use, accessibility to potable water sources, and civilian safety. RCC demining and unexploded ordnance clearance services comprehensively restore post-conflict battle areas, enabling the resettlement of refugees, the restitution of national infrastructure, and the stabilization of post-conflict peace keeping efforts.

Training Services

Combining technology, cross-cultural teaching techniques, and management services, RCC conducts training courses designed to build expertise across its service areas for government and commercial clients. RCC uses this same methodology to augment its staff of local nationals in conflict areas.

Canine Services

With the ability to smell at least 1,000 times greater than humans, dogs’ olfactory power and physical agility can be harnessed to unearth concealed threats in harsh terrains. RCC canine capacities include mine-detecting dogs (MDD) explosive detection dogs (EDD), narcotics detection dogs (NDD), and dual purpose patrol/detection dogs (PD).

Security Services

Given the potential threats associated with working in hostile environments, including armed ambushes and IED’s, establishing a security infrastructure is a complex undertaking. Through supervision of armed and unarmed security forces, RCC security services division maintains the capabilities to support the safety of personnel and organizations operating in post-conflict territories.

Application Instructions

A user-guide to completing an application for employment using the RONCO website.

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