RCC History

RCC was founded in 1981 when our first contract sent experts and employees to Burundi and Jamaica to create agricultural programs and train local residents. Since, RCC has worked extensively on more than 650 long and short-term security projects and post-conflict operations such as private enterprise development, agribusiness, renewable resource development, and privatization. In addition to our corporate headquarters in Washington, D.C., RCC employs over 1,600 seasoned security personnel and host country citizens.

RONCO Consulting Corporation works to secure a safe, prosperous environment for nations, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and commercial organizations affected by conflict.

• We protect these entities by reducing or eliminating the threats from mines, weapons, ordnance, and improvised explosive devices (IEDs); by providing security technology, procedures, personnel, and canines; and by analyzing, advising, and training on defensive capabilities.
• We continuously strive to meet and exceed client expectations for integrity, reliability, value, respect for regional customs, and building local capacity in our host nations.