The Taiwanese Ministry of National Defense and RONCO

March 23, 2011

The Taiwanese Ministry of National Defense contracted G4S Taiwan and RONCO Consulting Corporation (RCC) to expand clearance and training capacities on the Kinmen Islands. The islands, heavily mined in the 1950s, are being cleared for civilian use and infrastructure development. Kinmen civilian authorities, the Kinmen Military Command, and the Taiwan Ministry of National Defense have prioritized land clearance to ensure civilian safety and to guide the transition from military zone to protected tourist attraction.

New Website Launch

March 23, 2011

RONCO Consulting Corporation (RCC) is pleased to launch its new website, which includes a number of features to be released over the coming days and weeks. Included are full streaming video, real-time news updates, photo essays, and in-depth case studies reflecting RCC's continued success in humanitarian demining and UXO efforts.

RONCO Zlatan Simeunovic named WSI Field Employee of the Year

Zlatan “Goldie” Simeunovic, RONCO Consulting Senior Medic, has been named WSI Field Employee of the Year for his exceptional bravery in the line of duty.

Goldie Simeunovic was born in the Bosnia region of Yugoslavia in a small town called Tuzla. During the Bosnian Wars, Goldie joined the Bosnian Special Police Force where he trained as a medic. After enduring the hardships of this conflict, including the abduction and safe recovery of his family, Goldie joined RONCO in 1996 as a field medic working with demining teams throughout the Balkan region.