What We Do

RCC was founded in 1981 when our first contract sent experts and employees to Burundi and Jamaica to create agricultural programs and train local residents. Since, RCC has worked extensively on more than 650 long and short-term security projects and post-conflict operations such as private enterprise development, agribusiness, renewable resource development, and privatization. In addition to our corporate headquarters in Washington, D.C., RCC employs over 1,600 seasoned security personnel and host country citizens. Our expertise includes:

• Mine and Unexploded Ordinance Clearance
• Canine Services
• Explosive Ordnance Disposal Training
• Security Services
• Analytical and Assistance Services


• Preformed 300 projects in over 35 countries, assisting larger efforts by the U.S. Government and the United Nations in re-establishment of vital infrastructure, peace keeping efforts and enhancing post-war national and regional stabilization.
• Conducted mine and unexploded ordinance clearance in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Peru and Sudan, among other nations infested with landmines and other hazards
• Cleared 450 kilometers of land around the Sena Rail Line in Mozambique, resulting in access to unexploited deposits of coal, diamonds, copper, graphite, and fallow fields thus creating new economic opportunities and jobs
• Trained, kenneled, and mentored over 800 dog teams and established dog programs in 20 countries
• Provided counter improvised explosive device instruction to over 20,000 International Security Assistance Force soldiers throughout Afghanistan
• Trained and mentored 6,000 nationals in post-conflict and high-threat missions
• Provided dozens of personal security detail teams handling well-over 100 movements per month in Afghanistan
• Maintain training facilities in Mozambique and Afghanistan for demining and clearance training, as well as a facility in Tanzania for training of field medics in support of our operations.