Our security requirements are extensive and sometimes unpredictable. [RCC] trainers have masterfully accommodated both variables. Their level of… training background matches the requirements of the…operational environment. The course of instruction is excellent…

– Gen. Sher M. Karimi, Army Chief of Staff, the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan., October, 2010

…the attribute that sets [RCC] apart from others is the ability to operate independent and therefore relieve any extra burden to the client.

– International Security Assistance Force, December, 2009

The responsiveness of [RCC] to ISAF’s requirements continues to be outstanding, with quick turnarounds… getting the training to the force.

– International Security Assistance Force, May, 2009

Your willingness and ability to adjust to our need for low profile security coverage was especially appreciated.

– Chief of Party, NGO Client, February, 2008

During the last five years… [RCC] has proven itself a leading agency in de-mining operations. [RCC] staff... presented a professional and positive attitude… and have efficiently and effectively completed their projects within time and budget.

– United States Department of the Army, February, 2008

You may not realize it… but your team [is] saving lives… and you should be justifiably proud.... I was told a year ago that contracted training for the military in an operational theatre would never work…Your team have reversed that sentiment…It was an honour to work with them…

– Allied Joint Force Command HQ, Brunssum, The Netherlands, February, 2008

On behalf of all the NATO troops that have served in Afghanistan over the last 14 months, may I take this opportunity to thank you and all of your team for the excellent support and service… I was particularly impressed with your team’s knowledge, professionalism, and enthusiasm.

– Allied Joint Force Command HQ, Brunssum, The Netherlands, February, 2008

[RCC] has directly contributed to the safety of Coalition forces… and have facilitated the availability of large areas of land for future development…

– United States Department of the Army, February, 2008

[RCC] has provided exceptional security [through]… a well trained static guard force… in support of a major DOD contract… They have never failed to meet even our short notice [needs]...

– Country Manager for a Commercial Client, January, 2008