Services Overview

RONCO’s work has resulted in the clearance of over 300 million square meters of land, training and employment of thousands of people, restoration of vital infrastructure, protection of staff and equipment in hostile areas, and reduction of threats from terrorist and insurgent groups.

ERW, UXO, Demining

Explosive devices jeopardize agricultural land use, accessibility to potable water, and civilian safety. RCC clearance services restore post-conflict areas, enabling refugee resettlement, infrastructure restitution, and post-conflict stabilization.


RCC conducts training to build expertise across its service areas for government and commercial clients. RCC uses the same methodology to augment its staff of local nationals globally.


RONCO canine capabilities include training and operating mine-detecting dogs (MDD) explosive detection dogs (EDD), narcotics detection dogs (NDD), and dual purpose patrol/detection dogs (PD).


Through management and supervision of armed and unarmed protection personnel, RCC supports the safety of staff and organizations operating in post-conflict and other hazardous locations around the world.


RCC analysts and technicians support a variety of humanitarian missions including field and range operations evaluations. This is accomplished through testing, research and solutions development for clients.