Services Provided
With the ability to smell at least 1,000 times greater than humans, dogs’ olfactory power and physical agility can be harnessed to unearth concealed threats in harsh terrains. RONCO has an unparalleled ability to train, deploy, and manage canine teams and training centers in hostile environments around the world. Our dog teams are trained to detect and counter threats from explosive devices, including IEDs, car bombs, unexploded munitions and landmines, and illegal narcotics. RONCO dog teams have a nose for small arms and munitions, trace levels of explosive contamination, potential explosive triggering or tracking devices, and potential bomb-makers, and can provide insight on militant group involvement in unlawful, terrorist, and combat activities. Our expertise includes:

• Construction of quality kennel facilities equipped to support dog teams with proper food and veterinary care
• Provision of quality equipment and supplies are fully supported
• Rigorous operating standards through in-country quality control, re-certification capabilities, and proficiency training of at least six hours weekly for all teams
• Standard Operating Procedures derived from our extensive experience ensuring dog and personnel safety and effective field implementation procedures
• Technical backstopping from our U.S. and international offices and regular field visits to certify quality standards are maintained
• Professional dog training provided at one of our several facilities, including our K9 training center in Texas.

RONCO has trained and deployed over 800 dog teams, mentored over 1,000 handlers, and established programs in over 20 countries. Our teams have prevented a variety of threats, from security risks at Baghdad International Airport in Iraq and the American Embassy in Afghanistan to explosive ordnance in Sudan, Peru and other mine-infested regions around the world. In 1991, we established the Mine and Guard Dog Training Center in Kabul to serve static sites and mobile military units, as well as international, nongovernmental, and commercial organizations. Since 2005, RONCO has supported the Baghdad Embassy Security Force with 117 EDD teams and has provided detection assistance to the United Nations Assistance Mission in Iraq.