ERW, UXO, Demining

Services Provided
The threats of abandoned explosives blight post-conflict areas— periods of armed engagement have resulted in the presence of uncleared explosives in over 60 countries. There are an estimated 70 to 120 million remnant mines hidden in former conflict zones injuring or killing 150 people every day. By utilizing collaborative methodology and building local capacity, RCC has revolutionized the systematic process of locating and neutralizing these threats. Our experience includes:

Collaborative Methodology: Our approach to clearance merges manual deminer, mine detection dog, and mechanical technology. Deployed teams of technical advisors are responsible for coordinating with host nation officials, directing logistical support, and overseeing day-to-day clearance operations. Pooling knowledge from different backgrounds such as the military, mine clearance, equipment support, and marketing, and finance, RCC clearance capability is built on extensive in-country management experience, established contract management, and an integrated logistics and recruiting program.

Building Local Capacity: Incorporating local communities into planning, implementing, and managing aspects of our demining and UXO clearance programs allows host countries to independently rehabilitate post-conflict territories without the need for foreign assistance. RCC hires, trains and supervises host nationals as deminers, dog handlers, medics, machine operators, supervisors, and laborers. Their familiarity with mine and ordnance contamination in the areas in which they live augments our supervisory staffs’ broader technical knowledge and experience.

Since 1981, RCC has successfully cleared more than 300 million square meters of land worldwide and completed 200 projects in 35 countries. We have conducted demining operations and battlefield area clearance in Afghanistan, Albania, Bosnia, Croatia, Eritrea, Guantanamo Bay, Guinea, Iraq, Kosovo, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, Rwanda, Sudan, Sri Lanka, and Taiwan under the direction of the U.S. Department of State, United Nations, Slovenian International Trust Fund, World Bank, and U.S. Department of Defense, and NATO. Today, RCC specializes in land remediation with a full array of management, training, administration, logistics, procurement, technical, and financial personnel supporting these activities.