Services Provided
RCC security services division was formed in 2003 to support our humanitarian demining projects in Afghanistan and Iraq. The division expanded in 2005 to incorporate thorough threat assessments and specific security recommendations and policies for distinctive operational circumstances. We offer the following security services in environments that range from low-to high-threat:

Site Protection/Access Control RCC provides perimeter and roving patrols trained to respond to a wide variety of threats and situations at both housing and work sites. Duty includes verification of passes and identification cards, full searches, and close control over temporary workers and uncleared personnel.
Convoy Escort RONCO provides convoy escort services to safeguard movement of client, equipment, and personnel. As required, RONCO provides armored and unarmored vehicles, guard personnel, trained drivers, interpreters, and communications systems for intra-convoy and long-range communications.
Personal Security Details (PSD) RCC provides selective protection services for U.S. government officials, employees of private companies, and other individuals handling high-value materials.
Local Security Forces & Regional PartnersRCC cooperates with local sources of security to ensure the availability of country-appropriate support.
Corporate Reach Back RCC provides fully empowered on-site management, as well as continuous support from Washington, D.C. headquarters.
Support and Analysis RCC employees, consultants, and partners possess extensive knowledge in anti-terrorism and special operations, intelligence collection, analysis and distribution, risk audits and surveys, and specialized investigations.

During Operation Iraqi Freedom, RCC reinforced the U.S. Department of Defense with post-conflict operations security advice. RCC, in coordination with United States Central Command and Combined Joint Task Force 7, subsequently supported the Coalition Provisional Authority in Baghdad, providing roadmaps for disarmament, demobilization, and reintegration of Iraqi military forces, as well as recommendations on required resources, timelines, and policies required for post-conflict recovery and reconstruction in Iraq. Additionally, RCC has trained and mentored 6,000 nationals in various non-governmental organizations’ post-conflict and high-threat missions, including 800 Afghans and more than 500 expatriate and foreign nationals on seven contracts. Currently, RCC has nearly two dozen active PSD teams handling over 150 movements per month.